As an ecological production consultant, I help to make film productions more ecologically sustainable by advising and guiding in all aspects from pre- to post-production and motivating the various trades to engage in sustainable activities.

I create an environmental management system for your company or production that reduces your CO₂ footprint, i.e. relieves the environment and even saves money.

I can accompany your company in the short and long term conversion to more sustainable working methods. I can measure your carbon footprint, identify best practices and implement a sustainable production strategy.


I can provide sustainability training for actors, crew and production team to ensure that you meet any certification criteria.

This will help you comply with contracts and have a positive impact on the people you work with and the places you visit. Your audience will also appreciate this. After all, film&TV are ideal ambassadors for a green future worth living in.

I am an active member of Filmmakers For Future, Cut it! and the first signatory of the actors' voluntary commitment in Germany: