"The greatest location in the world is the human face."


John Cassavetes

Photo Sessions | Actors-Business-Portraits



I am specialized in portrait portfolios for actors, artists and models. As an actor you need to be empathic, sensitive and mindful in order to be credible, true to life and authentic in your acting. My task as an actor is to forget that the camera is there and at the same time act for it. As a photographer I put high demands on myself, these are to have a spirited dialogue with my counterpart and that the one being portrayed forgets the camera and my directing in the best possible way.


This focused, intimate work behind the camera is my passion. A short shared journey, where I try to catch the one key moment, the one snapshot of life. With an eye for our industry and as defined by the people who need meaningful and appealing material for their cast recommendations.


The sensitive arrangement of a personal photo composition is dear to my heart, it should have a strong presence for stagecraft and a self confidence.


Within a shoot, my 25 years of experience as an actor for theatre, tv and film enable me to have easy access to and a relaxed dialogue with my colleagues. This will pave the way for unique and inspiring fotos for your next portfolio. The encounter with the actor and the esthetics and the poetry of the actors own expression play a mayor role in my sessions.


For me each picture is on its own a small work of art, that invites the viewer to experience the beauty and the energy of the one being portrayed. Through my diverse work within the TV and Film industry (i.e as a Casting assistant for european Film productions and Producers) I can guarantee a high grade, cast relevant outcome.


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