Christian has been co-producing theatrical and cross-art performances together with Greta Amend with their group "Embassy of Performing arts" in Berlin and abroad since 2008. In 2013 Christian received a degree as film and television producer by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berlin, after following studies in creative film- and television producing at ISFF Berlin. He has since then worked in different positions in film production companies, such as Alias Film in Berlin. After founding the artists group "Superbohemians" in 2015, Christian co-produced several projects like "Chekhov Revisited", a play elaborated during a danish-german theatre-laboratory, which was staged at Randers Teater, Denmark, and an international Masterclass for actors and directors in Copenhagen, Oslo and Berlin. Christian is developing two formats, which you please look up under writer.


SUPERBOHEMIANS is a Berlin-based artists group inviting international guests, making cross-over art works for film, theatre and media. Great people who love working together on theatre, film and crossmedia projects. Their aim is to foster international cooperations and sharing work ethic and lifestyle.

48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Film Project Berlin. Produced by Christian Alexander Rogler.

50 Teams with over 600 participants. Two screening days in Babylon Mitte cinema. Berlin won the price for "Best 48 hour film 2009" in Las Vegas, after competing with more than 70 cities worldwide. Sponsors where: Adobe, Berliner Kindl, Skoda, ic! Berlin, Dinamix

Jury 2009: Hans Weingartner, Greta Amend, Till Schmerbeck, Helene Hegemann, Connie Walther, Jan Henrik Stahlberg


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